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The IG algorithm just keeps getting scarier and scarier. So today, we want to help discuss how hashtags can help beat the IG algorithm.

Hashtags are an SEO dream… when used correctly.

If you aren’t sure what hashtags do or what purpose they serve, you might be using them all wrong.

Hashtags on Instagram are now “follow-able”. By that we mean, just like you follow people, dogs, or brands, you can follow hashtags. A hashtag can help people find your account via the explore page on Instagram or on their feed if they follow that specific hashtag.

Hashtags are also searchable. If someone wants to find a beauty salon near the, they might search for something like a Los Angeles hairstylist. Which a few different things other than hashtags can also help you be discovered with this simple search.

Another great use for hashtags is to follow campaigns or giveaways. You can track how many people are participating and narrow your market for future campaigns.


- Be specific

- You want to make sure you are using hashtags relevant to the post it's attached to.

- 30 hashtags are the max on a single IG post

- If you plan on using all 30 make sure to put them as your first comment on the post rather than the caption. You don’t necessarily need to use all 30, as the above tip, you want to be specific, not spammy looking.

- Campaign related hashtags should be catchy/ easy to remember and easy to type out

- Save hashtags relevant to your niche

- Save hashtags that you can use on different posts within your niche. Don’t use the same 30 on every single post.


Now how to find your hashtags. What kind of hashtags should you be taking advantage of? How do you know what hashtags are relevant to you?

First, you need to identify your niche.

Second, dissect that niche and discover your differentiation amongst your competitors. The more specific you can get, the better.

Third, focus on the post you are adding hashtags to. Like we said before, it needs to be relevant to your post. For example, you may be an esthetician who offers several different services. Your schedule post is of an extraction. It is better to use hashtags related to that topic rather than reuse the same hashtags listing all the other services you offer.

Here are a few websites that help narrow your search and give some great hashtags based on your needs.

  1. All Hashtag

  2. Rite Tag

  3. Photerloo

  4. Hash Me App

  5. Hashtagify

  6. Ingramer

If you are scared of using hashtags don't be! It helps new audiences find you and allows you to bring value to someones life. There are so many benefits and its such a simple tool to find growth on Instagram.

If you really want to hide the hustle, you can also put your hashtags in your Alt Text. Which if you don't know what Alt Text is, check out our post on Copywriting. While this is a good little trick, Alt Text is really meant to help people with impairments to understand your photo better, not a list of hashtags. Not only that it works as an SEO tool for Instagram and the algorithm.

All that being said, use hashtags.

Good luck out there! Hashtags are a simple yet effective way of increasing your SEO and visibility on IG.

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