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Content pillars help keep your social media channels organized and consistent. Using content pillars can ensure high quality content and inspiration to flow for you and your audience!


Content pillars are general topics that relate to your brand/ business that you want to use to help amplify who you are, what you stand for, what you have to offer and what you want to show your audience. We've talked a lot about finding your niche in the past and this is another way to help define and clarify your niche. Getting specific ideas that you want to focus on helps you create higher quality content that is shareable, digestible and relatable.

Content pillars make creating content way easier! Using content pillars makes scheduling and creating a content calendar more cohesive and strategic. No more scrambling or posting really random, off brand content!


Look to Your Audience

You make content for your audience to engage with, because engagement is everything! This is why looking to your audience for content pillars is best.

Take a look at your analytics and see what has been working for you. Look for posts that are the highest-performing. Now that you have that narrowed down what about these posts? What are the captions like? What visuals or graphics did you use? Is there any hashtags? What does this particular post speak to?

You can also gain a lot of information or content pillars from questions your audience have for you. What are your most frequently asked questions? Feel free to ask those questions of "What can I help you with?" or "What content are you looking for?".

Remember that you're making content for your audience, it's all about building a relationship. You aren't the only person communicating in a relationship, half of it is listening and responding.

What's Trending

Another way to find some content pillars is checking out the things that are trending in your industry. After all, we are always trying to grow our audience and having relatable content helps you get discovered.

Take a look and do some research with competitors or even other creators in the industry. You can also find some interesting things to talk about within the news. Find whatever you feel helps you relay your branding and message. Have fun with it!


Now that you have your content pillars and you start creating, make sure you are executing with a content schedule. Ideally you should be planning your content monthly, but it may not work for you to have posts planned that far in advanced. Having some structure and posts pre-planned can save you a lot of time.

There is a balance to remember when planning out your content. Make sure to balance out your visuals. We personally like to alternate between graphics and photography. There is also the balance of the type of content like key events, macro content and micro content. Key events would be some important dates like launches, holidays, giveaways, etc. Macro content speaks towards long form content like podcasts, long videos, blog posts, etc. Micro content is content that is a bit more casual and quick that can stand alone.

You should find that your pillars can be plugged into these categories and you will begin to find a flow that works for you.


Now let us show you what we have for GGC. Generally most brands/businesses have 3-5 pillars, we have 4! (This doesn't mean you can't have more than 5.)

Our content pillars are in the acronym WIPE.






- portfolio

- expertise highlight

- looking for clients


- finding purpose/life advice

- shareable content

- quotes

- memes/funny graphics


- our faces

- reels showcasing our personality

- mood photos


- blog (like this one)

- tips

- trends

- moodboards

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