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So, if y'all follow us on Instagram you should be well aware we attempted a challenge going wild on TikTok. The coconut girl aesthetic was really hot all summer so we figured why not, we love the vibes.... WRONG.

While we are obsessed with the coconut girl vibes, we just can't get behind trying to replicate photos exactly. Taking inspiration from creators is so fun but there is that fine line of just copying someones vision and being inspired by them.

We found ourselves feeling uninspired knowing we had to replicate the same lighting, poses, props, backgrounds and everything in between. We find it way more fun to take the ideas and be like "Okay, what can we do to make it uniquely and authentically us." These things become apparent in choices of props especially.

In the challenge, we didn't waver too far from the originals just for the sake of the challenge. It would be way more interesting to make it our own in every way we wanted. Can any other creatives or social media consultants relate to this?

Guidance is necessary but guidelines are limiting.

If you missed the coconut girl aesthetic reels, you gotta head to our Instagram to see for yourself! We show you the process of taking the photo and editing it in real time! Either way we learned a lot about our own creativity and creative styles.

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